Friday, May 22, 2009

Trinket's Daddy

My favorite store for shoes is Alamo Shoes, not far from Lucky Penny headquarters. My crazy landlady (who blasts her Catholic tv shows under our bed at 2 AM!) complained to the Man about walking overhead, and I needed slippers. I stopped into the store looking for boiled wool scuffs. I had bought some there a few years ago. There was a pair of slippers with cat faces on display, and I asked if they came in my size. When the salesman came out from the storeroom, he said he had brought the dog ones out, too. There were only four pairs left, so not included in the store display. I confessed that I was really a dog person. We started talking about our dogs. I showed him Piccolo's six year old Petfinder page, that I carry in my handbag, and he told me about his little dog Trinket (cute name!), who is in charge at his household. I think it's amazing that two people who have never met can find a connection because of dogs.
The slippers are Haflinger, a German company. They have some cute ones with knitted cuffs that I would like to find.
I don't like to do felting, usually. But now, I have a pair of slippers in mind with Piccolo faces needle felted on the instep. That would make me happy.

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