Monday, May 25, 2009

Saying Good Bye

Ravelry: LuckyPenny's Rosebud vest
Last year, we were staying in a motel in Redgranite, Wisconsin. We left a few things behind, including the vest that I've linked above. It was made with Euroflax Linen, and Wenlan Chia said that she liked it at last year's TNNA trade show, which gave me a thrill.
Yesterday, we were back at the location, trying to check in. The new clerk said that we could only have a smoking room with a dog. Unacceptable! I said. Which prompted a discussion between the Man and I about how the sheets in a smoking room may be changed, but I had no desire to sleep next to or under a nicotine soaked bedspread. He offered that we could open the window, but I reminded him that usually we can't keep the window open because of his sensitivity to perceived cold. We headed back to Madison to stay in the Motel 6 that we had used the night before. The clerk in Redgranite couldn't locate a lost and found, so the vest is lost forever, I'm afraid.
I do have more linen for a new one, this one cherry red. Life must go on!

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Kim said...

oh no! Sounds like an opportunity to make your new one, though. Cherry red linen sounds like the ticket!