Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Blame Trudy

My Mom's cousin Trudy lives near by in Lake Geneva, and asked me to be her "neighbor" on a game on Facebook called Farm Town.  She told me I wouldn't have to do anything, that she would work my farm.  She tricked me.  Trudy and her husband Bob each have built some pretty spectacular farms, and now I want one.  I just have a little piddly one with some fields and trees, and animals wandering around aimlessly.  Theirs have ponds, creeks, houses, gardens, the works.  It cracks me up that before Bob went to the hospital last month, he arranged to have some friends work his farm.
Facebook is the pit that just keeps on sucking time.  I have not taken many quizzes or polls, I find most of them insipid (isn't that a good word?), but I do have four virtual pets that I have to feed, water, and play with, or else they will be confiscated and taken to a virtual shelter.  They're all super cute, and, how old am I anyway? 
I think that grown ups still need to play. 
Lots of quilts and knit garments here need finishing.  Lots.
Just because she's not been on the blog for a while, a glimpse of the Piccolo adorable dog.

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