Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Long Weekend

I hate summer, as I've stated before.  The one thing that makes it just bearable is that I have fiber festivals to go to.  This weekend it's the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, and in August, I will go (maybe with the Man) to the Michigan Fiber Festival.  I'm itching for more of my knitting crack, Briar Rose Fibers, as my current supply is a little low.  I also got a peek at someone's new fall designs, and I'm drooling.  I just want to make everything.
I took the day off work today, intending to get out to the fest today, as I thought we would be traveling on Saturday and Sunday.  Circumstances have us in town, and I'll be going out on Saturday with my friend Mary.  Today I was in my pajamas until about 2 PM working on my mom's quilt.  I just have the borders to add for the top to be done.  I did some real damage today at Quiltology, got fabric for two large quilts.  Fear consumption.  My job situation is a little rocky.  At least I'll have some fabric and yarn for the drought to come. 
This is the view from the observation deck at Mount Diablo, near David's house in California.  I was out there a million years ago, it seems.

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