Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Was Your Sock Summit?

This weekend I was going to have my own personal Sock Summit, and what I got accomplished was finishing one sock that was in progress, and still needs a mate, and starting a new pair.  I began the festive weekend with a pedicure.  There was a moment that I thought I would meet up with a friend for a mini summit, but it didn't materialize.  I can't get the photos of my socks downloaded from the camera.  I'm not so sure I like this camera that I'm sharing with the Man.  So, all I have to show for the weekend is this quilt.  Towards the end of the weekend, I got consumed by the quilt.  I did quite a lot of sewing.  This is a new dog quilt for Piccolo.  A Spot on Retro, Retro.  A mix of vintage type fabrics with some Park Slope and Denyse Schmidt for contrast.  The binding is black with tiny white polka dots.  I think that the quilting thread color and binding are those little details that really bring it all together.
I wish I could have gone to that event in Portland last weekend.  From what I've seen on the blogs, it looks like it was incredible.  I'm dying to bask in the glow of a luminary, which has me even more obsessed about getting into Knitting Camp next summer.  Not to mention that it's in Wisconsin, and reportedly there's a superb fried chicken place in town.