Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweater Weather Approaches!


Hey there!  Go on over to the Happy Dog Land blog, and check out my post on the rewards of knitting for your dog.  We're just a few short weeks away from sweater weather, can you believe it?
And look for Happy Dog:  Caring for Your Dog's Body, Mind, and Spirit, on bookshelves in September!


Kim said...

How can cold weather be so near already? Piccolo must be excited to get the wardrobe out!

rita said...

Auuugggghhhhhh!!! Do not mention that awful 6-letter word!!! I haven't started my doggie knitting yet; I have to make a shawl for my sister to wear to her daughter's wedding in November.

On my way to check Happy Dog Land! I love the photo of that cute dog.