Monday, September 14, 2009

Because I Must

I figured out the lack of posting about knitting these last few months.  Because my knitting has basically sucked.  Things I was working on just didn't end up the way I had imagined.  This yarn was originally somthing else.  I started on the 28 Thirty sweater after seeing my friends Fern and Nicole wearing adorable ones.  It's worked from the top down, and I had gone ahead and done the sleeves to see how much yarn I had to work the length.  I was going to do something funky with the buttons to style it up.  I tried on what I had done so far, and I looked like a sack of potatoes.  I guess that the yarn, being potato colored, didn't help.  In my defense, it was the yarn that was used for the pattern photo, same color, even. Peace Fleece Worsted in Grass Roots.  I must have thought that I would look as young and fresh as the woman who modeled the sweater on the pattern photo.  I was wrong, so wrong.  It took me a few days to think about it, but I couldn't continue knitting it.  So I started to take it apart.  I started a sweater that had been in my queue, and started before in other yarn.  This is the Must Have Cardigan.  It's a really cute classic design that I've admired on others.  I think that in this yarn, it may work. 
I was making good progress on another top down sweater, after a conflict about the color I had chosen.  I was thinking it was too camo looking.  After my vow to dress more girly.  There was a very obvious change in color when I started a new hank of yarn, which I later resolved by ripping back and starting an alternate ball of yarn.  I was thinking it was the nature of the beast with using a hand painted yarn, but the change was too obvious even for me.  I finished the body, and the ribbing is curling like hell, so much that no amount of blocking will fix it.  So, it's sort of tossed aside until I figure how to resolve the problem (which will likely be changing the original design to have a different ribbing), in favor of a more satisfying project. 
Speaking of satisfying--I purchased quite a bit of yarn this past weekend at two different events.  For sweaters that I had no idea that I would be making.  The frustrating thing is, I want to make everything right now.  If only I could knit faster, and didn't have to leave the apartment to work.

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