Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just as I am a collector of art pottery and vintage toys, I have become a collector of fabrics.  I used discontinued Denyse Schmidt (and I'm practically counting the days until her new collection appears), and a print called Pampered Pooch, also discontinued.  The quilting is another dog image, called Wags, in orange thread.  Again, my camera issues continue.  This week I'll be working on preparing Lucky Penny for some fall shows, and doing some writing about my writing. 

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BertandFelix said...

Oh I think the pets know when stuff is for them. Recently I put your quilt in the washer and dryer. Both Bert and Felix sat at the edge of the couch (where the kitty quilt was) and meowed...and meowed. Like, "where the h#$% is it!?"