Monday, September 28, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering

What are your dogs doing during the day while you're out?  If they're like mine, asleep.  Which also happens when I'm home for the day, like now.  Most of the day I've been on the sofa napping (with Piccolo at my side), or working on some knit projects.  It does not seem to me that much time has passed between colds.  I thought it would be best just to lie low and not expose everyone to it.  I did make it out for a few hours yesterday to finish up a quilt for my nephew.  I'm really happy with the result so far, and I think the long arm quilting treatment that it's going to get, and my binding choice will really make it special.  I just love putting together color and pattern, just as I love color and texture.  My mom put in an order to do one for the Colorado household for Christmas, so I'm about halfway through that. 
Back to the dogs.  As much as I love staying home with Piccolo, and it's me at my happiest and most authentic, I stopped feeling so guilty about leaving her to do the necessary things.  Like work.  I tell her she's the reason I work just about every time we're settling the bill at the vet's.  So, along with having a sweater collection, she is going to have the most lovely places to sleep.  Dog quilts.  Next up, I'm going to re-do some beds for her that are worn, or just not beautiful.  I'm already collecting fabrics for the task!

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