Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Front of the Back

This is front of the quilt back that I posted a few days ago.  A Sunshine and Shadow, done in Kaffe Fassett prints.  Love them.  Cut up in little squares, I like some of the fabrics more than I thought I would.  I used some needlepoint pillows that my mother made in bright saturated colors as the inspiration.  Then I forgot to photograph them so I could show all of you.
Just as in my knitting, when a design speaks to me, I'll make it again.  This is the second Sunshine in Shadow out of five (one almost completed, two in progress).  After five, I won't close the door to making it again.  I think it makes an effect as dramatic as the Blooming Nine Patch, but without all those little squares and a lot less work.  I like that it comes together quickly, which makes it excellent for gifting.  It doesn't use a massive amount of fabric, making it a pretty good value if you like the designer prints, like I do.  Which is why all the family gifted quilts are this design.  If you love prints like I do, the squares are big enough for you to see the print.  The quilt for Colorado has been upsized a bit to have bigger squares, and I think that it really helps to show the fabric prints. 
Last night after work, I went downtown to a book launch party for the new book Happy Dog.  Hundreds of people in attendance.  My book launch had about six people.  I was sipping a "Pink Poodle" (Cosmopolitan) on line to get my book signed and possibly booked another show this fall with ladies who were on line with me.  The authors of Happy Dog have been supportive of Doggie Knits, and let me guest post on their blog a while back, so I wanted to support them.  Wow.  I would like their publisher, and their publicist.  The authors of Happy Dog each have strong connections to Oprah and Martha, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's an appearance on one or both shows.
Let me just say that I don't get the Cosmopolitan.  It's all vodka, isn't it?  Today I feel like I've been poisoned.  I only had one drink.  A few years ago, the Man was at a party where he sipped some, while drinking beer, and got so sick I almost took him to the emergency room.  I think next time I'll stick to a Margarita.

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Theresa said...

The colors in that quilt are really lovely! Your recent posts really make me want to get back to my quilt projects.