Friday, October 02, 2009

I Owe Her

To all my blog readers--I have to vent.
People who know me personally are aware of the issues I have had with this apartment.  It's big and cheap, but comes at a cost to my soul.  I have seen the face of evil, and it's the superCatholic landlady that lives downstairs.  In less than a year, I've seen two dogs in her possession die.  The first she drove crazy with a bark collar, and he ran away through an open gate one day when she had an unfamiliar person looking after him.  She made a half-assed effort to find him.  I only saw a few signs posted on trees on our block.  Shortly after she got a puppy, who she assigned the same name as the last dog.  Maybe she should just call them "dog."  He died this week from Parvo, and now she has a new puppy.  Over the nine months that she had the most recent dog, he was never groomed (she asked me about Piccolo's grooming schedule and cost, when I told her, she said, "that's too much!) and when you put your hands on him, could feel ribs through all the unkempt hair.  I fed him, and the Man would bring him into the apartment.  I put a stop to it when I saw him trying to mark things in the apartment, and Piccolo was freaked out by his prescence.  He would come to our back door and slam his body against it, trying to get in.   The landlady showed no shame in the outcome with this little dog, and stated that she never vaccinated her dogs.  It makes me sick that I saw a dog neglected to death, and I'm certain that this new one will suffer the same fate, or live for some time being mistreated. 
The thing that makes me want to scream is that this woman thinks that the rules don't apply to her.  The apartment and building is run down, and a building inspector found eleven code violations, including a rotten back porch.  Nothing has been done to correct any of these issues.  She denies having a problem with pests, although all the other apartments in this building have one.  I wonder if paying the fine is actually cheaper than doing the repairs. 
I want to move in the worst way.  It is so hard to get the Man to cooperate with this.
I think it's shameful that someone can just purchase a dog, with no regard to where that dog is going to end up, or what kind of history the owner has.  How can the person responsible for breeding place an innocent creature in a home where days before, a dog that they had sold months ago to the same person died of neglect.
I feel outraged, and powerless.
I owe Piccolo.  She didn't ask to live with me.  She deserves the best from me.


Restlessmoon said...

How horrid, people like that should be put in the same situation as they put the dogs, lack of food,uncleanliness etc. See if they can stand weeks on end without proper nourishment and baths.

rita said...

I agree. People like that shouldn't be allowed to have pets of any kind. Or even be allowed to live, maybe. Imagine how she must have treated her kids, if she had any.

I'll never understand the mindset that dogs are not meant to be part of the family, that they can be tied to a tree year-round or tossed out because the new puppy didn't like him (this is how I ended up with my dog, Zippy, because someone from a rescue group talked them into giving him up). There are Mennonites and Amish, supposedly very religious people, who run the worst puppy mills in the country. To them dogs are a way to make money, but they don't spend any time or money on the dogs. Or give them any love or socialization of any kind.

Do not mess with animals!

Lindy said...

I found you through Sister Arts Studio and have been reading through your blog... your piccolo is precious and I appreciate your sharing your soul...

and there is no reason to stay in a place that is so toxic ... you deserve to be in a place that nourishes you and feeds your creativity and compassion... even if the space is smaller...

sending you positive energy.