Saturday, December 19, 2009


Finally a photo of me that I'm willing to share.  Me at thirteen years old.  I was knitting and sewing then, and I'm pretty certain that I made the dress that I'm wearing.  I wasn't a play outside kind of child, so knitting, sewing and reading were all activities that engaged me.  I played the piano, and was in school plays, which led to me being a theatre major in college.  The only pet I had back then was a parakeet.  I didn't get my first dog until I was over thirty. 
Posting the photo this weekend, because tomorrow, I turn another page.  I've been spending the last few weeks being introspective, and only slightly productive.  I'm hoping that my immediate future does not include going back to the day profession that I found to be miserable.  People have told me that I don't have the look on my face that I've been beaten down any more.  The Man said that he was okay with me not returning to work for a while.  Piccolo is busy at home being the studio muse, and cuddle buddy.  The thing that's missing right now is the holiday spirit.  Maybe some of that will return when I see the kids in my family and give some special gifts that I was working on this fall.  After the holiday, I'll post photos for you to see.  I was feeling so blah about Xmas that I neglected to decorate this year, or make any biscotti.   I guess that I just have to feel it. 

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