Tuesday, December 15, 2009

People are Talking About Doggie Knits

I was tickled to get this feedback from Ruth, who knits for her dog in Wales:
"The pics in your book are great, with the dogs looking handsome and not like hairy escapees from the kiddie beauty pagent."
More of her feedback:  "I like the diagrams and the various options for customising the doggy sweaters, which are more like proper garments for dogs than gimmicky, cutesy dog outfits you see elsewhere--which look like you are making fun of your dog."
Thanks, Ruth!  It's exactly what I was aiming for when I wrote Doggie Knits, Sweaters and Accessories for Your Best Friend.
There's still time to knit your little darling a beautiful, comfortable dog sweater for Christmas.  Or, you could ask me to do it!  My needles are ready.

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