Friday, February 19, 2010

Change is Possible

Our hosts for the New York City weekend are both crocheters.  When we were planning our excursions, Tim wanted us to see the Lion Brand flagship store, at 34 W. 15th St.  Hell, no, was our response.  We had limited time, and didn't need to see that land of acrylic nastiness that we see when we go to the "big box" stores.  Sometime during the weekend, we decided that, more so to please Tim, that we should make the trip.  Color us gobsmacked.  Yes, the Homespun and fun fur is still there, but there's also organic wool, cashmere, and blends that you wouldn't expect, or find at WalMart.   Fresh, clever displays that have me itching to get some topiary forms that I can wrap with yarn for new Lucky Penny display.  The store was so customer friendly, and packed with shoppers.  More crafts that just knitting.  Crochet, weaving, and machine knitting as well.  A few years ago, at the airport, waiting to go to San Francisco for a photo shoot, I met one of the owners of Lion Brand.  He noticed me knitting, and introduced himself.  He mentioned that they were going to move forward with some high quality yarns, and out of the big box stores.  I made him touch the polwarth wool and cashmere vest I was wearing.  If you're planning a trip to New York City, I would recommend this store as a destination.  Look for the knitted tags on the door handles and bike rack in front.

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