Monday, March 01, 2010

Seven Years

Seven years ago, I was losing my home, the Man was breaking up with me, and I had found out that Penny was going to die from a rare cancer.  My emotions were raw.  I spent the time commuting from work to the apartment sobbing, as the car was the only place that I had complete solitude.  Once I had moved into my new apartment with only my little Gidget Alice, I found that I needed to fill the empty space with a new little dog.  I found Piccolo on Petfinder, and drove to Detroit to adopt her.  She didn't want to come home with me, and spent most of her first days with me hiding under the sofa.  I coaxed her out with tasty food, and soon she and the Man fell in love, and he came back to us.  I tell her story every year around this time, and I'm so grateful that she fills my heart to where I think it will explode from love for her.  The most special and magical of pets. 

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rita said...

I've lost too many special, wonderful dogs, the last (my little Zippy) just three weeks ago, unexpectely. It hurts so much to lose one.

One day (not too long from now, I hope) another little dog will find me and own me. Zippy was a rescue so I didn't know how old he was, but I had him for 5.5 happy years.

I'm so glad that you found Piccolo!