Friday, April 02, 2010

Scrambled Eggs and Toast

That's what was for dinner tonight, being low on funds and ideas.  Here at Lucky Penny headquarters, as the safety net gets smaller, we're giving some thought to some alternative means to income while we wait for the business to grow.  Etsy sales are slow, as one can imagine not too many folks are seeking out dog sweaters now that temperatures in the US are rising.  I'm intrigued by the sellers that are making a living on the site--one knitter reportedly made +150K last year knitting bulky scarves from  yarn that was very obviously acrylic blend from a "big box" store.  One thing that's been keeping me busy this week has been doing some in home cat care.  I like doing this, and don't even mind the litter so much.  This morning, I discovered that the bathroom had a great magnifying mirror, and as I am never without tweezers, got to work.  One of the cats wanted my attention.  He hopped up on the bathroom vanity, and tapped my shoulder.  A few times.  I'm kind of hoping that I get this job assignment again in the future. 
I have absolutely no desire to return to the profession that I had until December.  I have real doubts that I could get a job in the field at this time anyway.  It doesn't escape me that I was replaced with an individual who is thirty years younger.  A Google search on me doesn't link me at all to the profession.  Anything about me on the internet is all Lucky Penny and Doggie Knits.  While these are accomplishments, they don't paint me as a "Team Member."   I'm different.  Arty.  Suspect. 
Anyway, I'm pushing on.  So many things I want to make.  Sweaters for dogs.  Sweaters for me.  Thinking about some sewn knitting accessories and dog leashes for some shows I have coming up.

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