Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why I Have Multiple Projects

I've been working on finishing my Mondo Cable pullover, and just have a few inches to go on the bottom ribbed band.  The band is being re-done at a different rib combination, K4, P2, because as written, the band was curling like crazy.  I don't have Bonne Marie's knitting mojo, and can't always be The Boss of my knitting, so I'm doing the compromise.  I love this yarn, the Briar Rose Fibers Glory Days, a lovely Bluefaced Leiscter blend.  Clearly, Piccolo loves it too.  I usually don't have the heart to move her off the sweater when she's selected it for one of many naps.  Who wouldn't want to be swathed in luscious luxury fiber?  That's the time when I pick up another project that's waiting to be finished. 
I really like this sweater design, and actually have another planned, in the same yarn used for the sample, but with this one, I have concerns about the color.  There is some blue in there, but I'm wondering if the effect is altogether too camo.   Like I've stated before, I'm sort of, and maybe not successful, at trying to dress a little more girly these days.  I guess it will fall to the accessories to glam this one up. 

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