Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Friend

Two  years ago, I bought a new sewing machine because I thought that my Bernina had died.  My college graduation present from my parents.  I decided to have it repaired, and as it turns out, only the foot pedal needed to be replaced.  Then, out of laziness, I let it sit in the case while I worked with the new machine.  A few weeks ago, I was working on a repair of a commercial dog sweater, adding a buttonhole, and the feed dogs did not want to accept the thin wool knit fabric.  I thought that my buttonhole feature on the old Bernina would be able to do it, so I switched out machines.  I'm in love again.  It doesn't have the bells and whistles of the new Elna, but oh, the motor.  Working on it again made me realize how much I had missed my old friend.  I've spent thirty years with her so far, and I think we'll keep going. 
Last year was the year of Sunshine and Shadow.  This year in quilting is shaping up to be all about the Log Cabin.  What's on the machine here is going to be a giant 100 square quilt.  Using bits of this and that that I've collected.  70 blocks completed as of this posting.  I'm hoping for a nice royalty payment next month that will cover the long arm quilting that it's going to take.   Two other smaller log cabins are in the works.

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Restlessmoon said...

When sewing funny things that the feed dogs don't like, I put adding machine tape or a strip of wax paper between gnarly stuff and the feed dogs.Just sew through everything and rip off paper. Wala! If you do this a lot, it does dull the needle. :)