Sunday, March 21, 2010

The (Not So) Ugly Truth

What happens when you document a project on Ravelry?  It reveals how long it takes to complete something.  Although I finished the project of my lifetime, made lots of quilts, and made human and dog sweaters between, for some reason this took forever to finish.  Started August 2007, and finished (and worn) yesterday.  Another Ribby Shell, done in Noro Kureyon, shade 195.  I'm sort of back on a Noro kick of late, that was sparked after seeing my mom wear a little tam I knit for her in shade 115.  Suddenly, I had to do a little Piccolo sweater in the same shade, and start a long sleeved pullover for me out of my Noro stash.  I added a little ribbed neckband to the design, and adjusted the stitch count for the gauge I achieved using Kureyon and a size 6 needle.  I could get the recommended gauge with a smaller needle, but the resulting fabric would have been stiff as a board.  I think this design is a nice "go to" pattern, having now made it three times.

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