Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sweaty Anticipation

Thinking about how hot it's going to be this week, and summer's just getting started.  This apartment gets to be like an oven.  I'm considering going up to Lake Geneva and sleeping in cool comfort, on days when I don't have to be in the city.  I can be productive up there, working on a new design, writing, making more Lucky Penny inventory.  I just need to drop the news to the inkeeper.  I'll pay her in quilting! I don't know what the Man will do.  He loves the hot, so may be left on his own.  Maybe the time apart will be incentive for him to find a more comfortable living situation for us. 
See those socks on the floor?  Their heels are now blown out.  It seems that all of my hand knit socks are wearing out at the same time, and I'm slow to replace them.  I may devote a month of my personal knitting time this summer to replenishing sock wardrobe. 
I'm forging ahead with Lucky Penny like there's no economic crisis.  I dropped a lot of coin today on some Kureyon that's destined to be more dog sweaters.  Only on Farmville can I approach two million coins. 
This photo is from last year, Piccolo testing out a quilt that I gifted to two kitties and their mom, who is one of the coolest girls around.  One of the kitties, who got a lot of enjoyment from the quilt, broke my friend's heart today.  I hope that one day the quilt will be a sweet rememberance of that happy time, instead of the sad reminder that it may be now.

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Sisters with Letters said...

Oh, dear. Get to Lake Geneva as soon as you can. You should be in a place that makes creating the joy and fun that it was meant to be. I am sending out good thoughts to you and your friend, the recipient of the quilt. I'm happy for her that she has you.