Saturday, May 15, 2010

If I'm in Flip Flops, I've Had a Pedicure

So many things I don't get.  Chicago people, why is it acceptable to have approximately one half inch of rubber between your foot and dirty city street?  Year round?  I've seen the bottom of your feet, and I don't want to.  It's not pretty.
I was downtown today, speaking to a friend, and delivering a donation for a benefit, and we saw a woman fall in the street.  Because of her shoes.  We both advised throwing the shoes away.  I discarded some shoes I fell out of, years ago, and the injury was so severe that really my feet and ankles were never the same.  I love the chic shoes, but seriously would never sacrifice comfort and safety for them.
It's been a perplexing day.  For a few weeks, Piccolo has had some skin issues, that were just treated topically.  She went to the groomer today, and I showed her some of the issues, and she suspects it's thyroid disease.  Piccolo just like her mommy.  I guess she's had some other symptoms, too.  One being lethargy, although that could also be attributed to her advancing age.  She's going back to the vet on Monday, and I'm asking for a blood test.  My groomer is a partner in a business with her identical twin sister, and I seriously can't tell them apart.  They freak me out!  I asked if they ever did any mischief with this, and apparently not.

I sometimes can't resist lurking in Ravelry forums, or on Facebook, or blogs.  Looking for the crazy.  I'm currently fascinated by an old aquaintance who has decided that he wants to air all his psych, sexual orientation, and crazy religious issues on a blog.  It's not anonymous.  The worst of it is that apparently he's not disposed of the bodies of two pets that have died in his home.  How would you like to live next door to that?  Or, when he starts yelling at God.  He's waiting for God to bring the pets back to life.  I'm thinking that he's so out of it that the animals got neglected to death.  Now there's a new blog follower who apparently is just as nuts.   This is like watching a horrible train wreck, it's going in slow motion, and I can't look away!  I think this guy doesn't realize that once it's on the internet, it's there forever.  Forget about finding a job, or a relationship.  All someone has to do is that Google search, and all the crazy is on display.   Sadly, all this behaviour is happening under a psychiatrist's care, with meds.  When I was in college, it always appeared to me that the most messed up people were psych majors. 


Irene said...

I want to know which blogs you read!!

Corinne said...

I hesitate to link that blog here. It's really pathetic and disturbing. You could email me, and I'll tell you.

rita said...

God, I've got to see that one too. Creepy.

rita said...

I don't think that he has to worry about a prospective employer finding his crazy ass. He's not going to be ready for hiring any time soon, if ever.

He really is disturbing.

rita said...

You want crazy? Check out rav's Nervous Knitters. I joined thinking it would be fun, but I'm afraid to even read it now!