Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Take Her Home

My old email and a disconnected phone number are on a list for Pekingese rescue, woefully out of date.  On occasion, I get contacted about a dog in need.  This little girl is in the Western suburbs of Chicago.  The shelter she's in won't put her into their adoption program because she's not good with having strangers pick her up.  I've lived with a Pekingese in my house for 20+ years, and I can tell you that this is typical behaviour.  They are bred to be one owner dogs, so a shelter situation is not one where they are going to do their best.  It breaks my heart that she is in trouble because she's just being who she is.  If Piccolo wasn't a failure at being in a two dog household, I would be in the car on my way to this one right now.  Please contact me if you know of any Chicago based rescue group that can intervene.

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