Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Up Wit Dat?

I've got to stay in the positive.   I've been noticing some weird coincidences lately--a few days ago, I had some thoughts about a former work associate, and later that day, her husband called me.  I listed a former employer's address, Kittaning, PA, on a work application, and that night, HBO played "The Mothman Prophecies," which was filmed there.  My friend Bruce says, "thoughts are things." 
Here's what movie you never want to watch if you're going to stay positive--it's called Wendy and Lucy, and it's about an unemployed woman traveling with her pet, and a series of unfortunate events leads to an unhappy ending.  I'm trying not to think about how close I am to that situation. 
This photo is of an unfortunate quilt project--Denyse Schmidt's Cog and Wheel.  Curved seams that are supposed to lay flat.  My result looks more like a bowl.  It's user error, totally.  I did a little Google search, and saw others made it without difficulty.


Kim said...

not sure about the scale, but could you make it a round cushion for Piccolo? Maybe even tuft it in the middle ; )

t h i n k p o s i t i v e
...especially if you think of ME!

mrsjohn said...

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