Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Two Weekends

The curved log cabin quilt, in use in my lady room, my air conditioned retreat for summer.  Still working on the Man to clean things up in the main bedroom, which is a disaster of immense proportion.  Is it wrong to love this quilt so much that I want to make another?  The concentration of color family in sections is deliberate--I want the quilt to change color when I turn it on the bed.  I love the mix of print scale.  I love the quilt texture.  I just plain love this.  Stay tuned for a surprise I included on the back.
I had two weekends this weekend.  The knitting portion of knitting camp--good.  The accomodations--deteriorated to abysmal as the weekend progressed.  So glad I drove up in my own vehicle, as it turns out.  A lesson in trusting my instinct that two adults should not share a hotel room unless they're family or a life partner.  I departed early, as the Monday activities were just a breakfast.  No need for another miserable night just to eat.  I came home just in time to find a Situation.  The Man had been reprimanding me for leaving him alone with Piccolo on July 4th with no sort of tranquilizer for her.  I came home to her with blood shot eyes, and panting.  It was probably over 90 degrees in the apartment, as the Man insists that air conditioning is evil.  I'm certain if I had not come home Sunday night, something horrible would have happened.  In the future, I will never leave Piccolo during a heat wave.  The next day, we all went to Lake Geneva, our happy place.  It had felt strange to me driving in Wisconsin without my little posse.  Back to normal operations here.

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Fujiyamamama said...

Your quilt is beautiful!