Friday, July 09, 2010

What to do with Them Leftovers

In the Lucky Penny household, food leftovers mostly get thrown away.  Just two people eating means that often food spoils before it's finished, and I'm a firm believer of "when in doubt, throw it out!" When it comes to fabric projects, those leftovers get used.  I had a few log cabin blocks left from the front of my big vintage flavored quilt.  I had sewn 102 instead of the 100 needed for the quilt top.  Since the quilt back was to be pieced anyway, given that the quilt is 90 inches square, I used the two orphans on the back.  The rest of the back fabric is from one of three bolts that I scored at last year's Do It Your Own Damn Self sale.  It's a reproduction vintage print, so works great with all the other fabrics I have working in that quilt. 
This week was more of a lesson regarding What's Important.  Piccolo and the Man are both on the top of that list.  More important than anything else.

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Knit 1 LA said...

I love your quilt work Corrine! Just beautiful!