Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Happy Forest

Once again, I continue my habit of knitting something that works more than once.  This is the Mondo Cable Pulli from Chic Knits.  Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I knit any other designs.  These never disappoint.  They fit me.  They're classic, and effortless.  Thanks to the mannequin at Knit 1 for posing--if you look in the corner of the photo, you'll see a little quilt, dog water dish, and squeaky toy--Piccolo visits the shop frequently. 
The yarn used for this sweater is Dream In Color Classy, color, Happy Forest.  Purchased at Mosaic Yarn Studio in Des Plaines during the St. Patrick's Day sale.  The mods made to the sweater were making it longer, and using a k4, p2 ribbing to minimize curling.  I think that this sweater will get lots of wear this season.  Is it wrong to have another on my needles already?  Because I do.  Working on one in Black Water Abbey 2 ply in the most delicious deep brown. 

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