Thursday, September 09, 2010

How Did I Do That?

There was a time when I would work multiple jobs, work on Lucky Penny, work on personal things, and take care of pets and a Man.  I look back now and wonder how I fit it all in.  Now, most days, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels or treading water.  For the next two months, as the nation I live in looks for more people to hate so the ignorant come out and vote, I just want to lay in a fetal position, snuggled with my little Piccolo.  I thought of starting a political blog, separate from this one, because I want to keep this blog a happy place.  I decided not to start a new blog, because I think it would make me even more angry and depressed.

What could be happier that looking at photos of little Piccolo on a new quilt?  This is her dog cabin.  The back is really cute, too, and I did a pieced binding.  Forgot to get some money shots of it when I was in Lake Geneva this past weekend.  Piccolo was being treated for ear infections when this photo was taken, which is why her ears look so greasy.

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