Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Want to Make Everything

The story of my knitting.  I have a few obsessions. 
1.  Keelin.  I saw her at Yarn Con, and have been obsessed ever since.  Still mulling over a yarn for this one.  I'm thinking red, but looked at some yarns that are in the massive stash.  I don't have enough yardage stashed for this one.  I'm thinking a red.  I would set all other projects aside to knit Keelin and finish right away, I love it so much.
2.  The Ohio Knitting Mills book.  I'm so inspired by the vintage garments in here.  Thinking about aspects to incorporate into my own dog designs. 
3.  Crochet!  I learned how, again.  I'm feeling confident enough to try a garment.  I'm obsessed with this one.  I have the yarn, I'm using Ultra Alpaca Light previously earmarked for another project.  There's also this now vintage Jo Sharp design, Isobelle from Book Two.  I was talking about it in crochet class, and now of course, I can't find the book.  I have lots of yarn that could be used for her.
Piccolo can never have enough sweaters.  It's the usual Lucky Penny design, with Blackberry Ridge hand paint for the body, and Cape Cod Fibers Lobster Pot for the bands and turtleneck. 

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Cece said...

I love that sweater! I may have to make it too. And I think I have a perfect yarn in stash. That never happens.