Friday, October 15, 2010

More Stash Than Cash

For the last few years before last December, I had written often about fear consumption regarding my stash.  I had the attitude, why not buy it now, while I still can?  The result was, lots of yarn, mostly purchased with specific products in mind.  Over the years, there have been some unfinished projects, most of which still appeal to me.  This vest, for example, I began back in early 2009, now just recently finished.  This is the One Cable Vest, knit in the yarn it was designed for, Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted.  This has been the fourth time I've knit this vest.  I think that I can safely move on.  It's the second time I've knit it in this yarn, which is luscious.  Be warned though--it's heavily over-dyed.  The water I soaked it in for blocking was like ink when  I took it out.  I suspect that it will bleed dye for some time, so it may always need to be washed seperately.  I love that after a wet block, the color, now with some fading, takes on a lovely depth and patina.  My love for vests continues.  I have a lot more in progress right now, one from three years ago, that I may move up to the finish line.  I did start Keelin, true to my obsession.  I shopped around in my stash, and the yarn I found was a compromise to my color vision (blue instead of the red that I wanted), but so far, I like what I have in progress.  It's totally satisfying that the yarn I'm using may have been in my posession for ten years.

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