Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for This Most of All

The Lucky Penny household has made it to another Thanksgiving, mostly living on the razor's edge.  But, we're cooking a feast, and I'm thinking about the things to be thankful for, although, there appears to be less this year.  But we still have each other to cling to, and friends to laugh (and knit) with.  I'm thankful for the kindness that has been shown to me, and will try to pass that kindness on to others.  I'm thankful most of all that I have the companionship of  the remarkable little creature that loves without judgement.  Who is just happy to be.  My heart, as it turns out, weighs eleven pounds. 
After shopping at five different places, and mutiple trips up and down the stairs, the turkey feast is going to be cooked tomorrow.  The last time I made Thanksgiving dinner for us alone, we were finished in about a half hour. Can you believe that stores ran out of turkeys?  I had planned a very small organic turkey, and ended up with a corporate farm turkey from the third grocery store I had gone to.  I can't believe that I gave into this, because the common room still is not cleaned to completion (although I must give the Man props for making an attempt).  I'm sort of looking forward to all the meals that will be created from the leftovers.  Turkey pot pie, turkey casserole, turkey soup.  Just the type of comfort foods that are so good right now.  I'm hoping to have some sofa time, with knitting, sandwiched between all that cooking.

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Maggie Mae said...

I think we're all happy we made it through another Holiday dinner.