Friday, March 18, 2011

Because I Can't Say No

I have a hard time saying no to my mother.  This is a throw sized quilt that I made for her to give as a gift.  She originally wanted me to do a log cabin--but I talked her down.  Too much cutting!  This is another Sunshine and Shadow, which makes 6 (one is a top that still needs quilting!).  Made with a strip piecing method, I think it gives a lot of look without too much effort, which is why it's great for a gift type quilt.  I love the strong colors, and if you've followed my work, you know I love sharp contrast.  I think that my mom really likes color the way I do as well.  This may be lingering at her place before it goes to its inteded home in California.  I have to do another quilt gift for my mom!  This time, I may do a little Blooming Nine Patch to make things a little more interesting.