Friday, March 25, 2011

New Favorites

If you've been following along on the blog, you may remember the sad end to my all time favorite sweater.  I've been on a quest to replace it.  This is a contender--I've made three, and a fourth is in progress.  This is another Mondo Cable Pulli, from Chic Knits.  The yarn is Black Water Abbey, purchased at the last Stitches Midwest.  I went there with knitting this sweater in mind.  I knew I wanted this yarn, but was not sure about what color I wanted.  This is Peat, a deep, chocolately, nuanced brown.  I knit the sweater a little longer (per advice of my stylist, aka the Man), adding one cable repeat.  I used less than 5.5 skeins of yarn, so I have 1.5 left for something.  One of the advantanges of top down construction is the option of making something longer--I added length to my other two Mondo Cables after they had been worn.
On the needles now?  More cables, a delightful little cardigan from Vintage Modern Knits, and fine tuning a new dog sweater design.

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