Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Try This At Home

A treasure that came my way tonight via Facebook.  Although I like the attitude, I don't condone dressing like your dog.  I know that people really like this, but I could never bring myself to design a matching human thing.  Maybe I'll have to change if the price is right!
Dare I say this?  I may be over the road trips to Wisconsin.  After this past weekend, the Motel 6 seemed even trashier and more ghetto than usual.  It creeped me out, and was super loud when I was trying to sleep.  Of course, the Man had no issues.  Rather than spend another night in a nasty motel, I suggested we sleep in our nasty apartment on Sunday night, and go back to Lake Geneva on Monday.   The Man was agreeable to this.  That's one reason why we're still together.  After dinner on Monday, we walked down to the busy resort town with Piccolo, who was totally freaked out.  No more crowds for her, I'm afraid.  And, I must have spent $100 on gas this weekend, another good reason to curtail our trips. 
My deposition on Thursday afternoon is expected to take three hours.  I am so angry about this.  I am told that they use a timer, and if I take a bathroom break, they stop the clock.  I think I want a big margarita after this ordeal.  Or, a big piece of cake.  Or both. 

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