Friday, May 13, 2011

It Begins

There's a cold snap on its way to Chicago, and my apartment is still close to 80 degress, while it's in the 50's outside.  This is not the time of year I'm looking forward to.  There's still enough humidity in the air that the passive smoke in the apartment hallway just lingers.  I'm back to sleeping on an ice pack, and haven't been sleeping well over the past two nights.  I hate summer weather, and it's just beginning. 
This is the other side of the most recent Piccolo quilt.  Lots of dog themed fabrics, from Moda, Tammis Keefe, and Heather Ross.  Along with some Denyse Schmidt and vintage looking fabrics. 
My current obsession is a crocheted ripple afghan I'm stitching now.  It was going to be for our bed, but turned out smaller than I had wanted.  I decided that it's going to belong to Piccolo.  Photos to come.

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