Saturday, May 14, 2011


We were thinking of display for Knit 1, and one of the ideas was stitching for the home.  I had some crocheted afghans in my Ravelry queue, so it seemed to be a good idea.  Last Monday evening, Lynn headed for the Malabrigo display like a zombie looking for brains, and I caught the bug.  I swatched a different pattern, a granny stripe, but decided that little dog feet might get snagged in it.  I went looking for a pattern for something with single crochet, and a ripple.  I loved the idea of a big one that would drape artfully over our bed, with a riot of color.  I started one, and it ended up being too narrow.  I liked it too much to take it apart, and decided that I would make it for Piccolo.  True to my habit of making more than one, I started another, wider ripple afghan that would be for the bed.
This will end up being approximately a 30 X 30 square.  Colors used are jewel blue, Frank Ochre, Hollyhock, Pigeon, Sealing Wax, Pearl Ten, Sapphire Green, Buscano Azul, Apricot, Indigo, Orchid, Butter, and Ravelry Red.  I started this on Monday night, and may finish this weekend.  The one for us will take longer.  One reason is that this uses a lot of yarn!  Could that be why I see that most crochet is done with cheap yarn? 
I am loving the density of this afghan.  It reminds me of one my Nana made, which I must remember to photograph next time I'm at my mom's.  It's also sort of refreshing to work on a project where I don't have to think about size, or will it look good on me, or what I can wear with it.  Just lovely wooly ripples.

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