Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Knitted History

Over Fourth of July weekend, we were in Lake Geneva for a while, and my mom brought out some of the sweaters that I have knit for her over the years.  I think this one was about 1985-86 ish.  It was a Christmas gift.  My mom was the coordinator of the gift opening on Christmas Eve, and we're a open one at at time family so everyone can see versus the gift opening frenzy family.  She was talking about something, and completely not paying attention to opening this, and let out a little gasp when she looked down and saw the sweater.  It's been a vivid memory of Christmas for me.  The sweater is wool, and I think the pattern was from a Vogue Knitting.  She still wears the sweater.  I have photos of some things that I have no recollection of making.  I will be posting these every so often.

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