Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Knowledge Base

If it seems that I knit fast, it's not true.  I just knit a lot.  I'm currently working on building my knowledge of Habu fibers.  This is another shot of Gretel, because you wanted to see it again, right?
There are things that I should know, and things I shouldn't.  Among the shouldn't, it that St. Andre is the most fabulous triple cream brie that I've ever tasted.  Like eating butter.
I'm working on making the best home iced coffee.  Inspired by the cafe next to the shop.  We found out that it is cold brewed.  I'm using my French Press and cold water to steep my coffee, and let it sit for 12+ hours before use.  I've been told that it can be re-heated for a really smooth hot coffee.  I'll have to try it. 
Still working on some sweaters to fill a wholesale order.  I'll have purchase details available sometime in the next few weeks.  I'm thinking about some more Habu garments, and perhaps trying something with my knitting machine. 

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