Friday, January 06, 2012

Modern Girl

Over the past few months, I have become increasingly aware of the Modern Girl.  Most of them are young enough to be my daughter, if I had ever had children.  They have mastered technology, and have not let themselves become hindered by not having a car.  They breeze into the knit shop with their little bike helmets on, stopping to pick up some yarn on the way to Trader Joe's, or if not on a bike, they check their iphone app for the next time the CTA bus will be arriving.  This week, I took my first step to being a Modern Girl.  I now posess an iphone, so I will master technology.  Today, I downloaded an app that will allow me to take credit cards at events!  So clever.  I took the photo above with my new camera, and whoosh, sent it off so it could be posted to Facebook.  If my Rav4 ever dies, and it could be soon with 215,000+ miles, I may not replace it, and will walk, bike, or bus.  Maybe.  I would have to rely on a IGo car to take Piccolo to some appointments.  But, not having a car would save some expenses.
I'm taking on a new challenge--building a sweater for a special needs dog.  This little cutie is Geiger, who is the spokesman for Trio Animal Foundation, and his mom, Sue, is one of the founders.  They do amazing things for homeless animals, including covering medical costs, and helping to find foster programs and homes for some of Chicago's neediest pets.  I thought that knitting a sweater for a tripod would be easy--just eliminate a leg opening.  Not so much.  For the front leg amputee, the remaining leg is brought forward for balance--so a sweater with a traditional leg opening will torque when Geiger walks, and end up pinching him.  That's been his history with donated sweaters so far.  So after his initial fitting, I am now working up a totally new sweater shape, that will allow him to move his front leg comfortably. 
This photo is funny--it looks like Geiger is wearing the hat, that is actually on Sue's head.

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