Saturday, December 31, 2011

To Bed with 2011

2011 is so over.  I cried (not much), I laughed, I peed (from laughing).  My hopes for 2012 are to be settled in my new home, which so far is working out splendidly except for the mouse that refuses to be trapped, and the excess of crafty posessions that I now officially have no more storage for.  Plans for unburdening to follow soon.  The studio is almost up and running.  My other wishes for 2012 are good health for my best friend in the world, the Piccolo, and for Lucky Penny world domination. 
What's happened in the last month is unpacking, and making the new HQ comfortable.  I had a birthday, and a marvelous dinner out with friends.  More laughing.  Have I mentioned that I have the best job ever?  Other than being with Piccolo, it's my favorite place to be.  Christmas was a day of snuggling with my baby, and ordering some very tasty Chinese food from a Chinatown quality restaurant in Uptown.  If you are familiar with Chicago, Uptown is home to a lot of mental hospitals, so there are crazy people on the streets.  I was going back to my car with my food, and out of the corner of my eye, saw some woman starting to run towards me.  I got into my car quickly, and locked the doors just in time.  She stood next to my car so I couldn't drive, screaming at me.  I was yelling, "get away from my car!"  Merry Christmas to me.
The Man has been spending most nights here with us, and has given me his cold.  So, a quiet New Year's Eve, doing what I hope to be doing for the rest of 2012.  Knitting.
The photo above is the last finished quilt of 2011.  Bruce and Gary's quilt in honor of their marriage.  According to Pantone, orange is the color for 2012.  Fortunately, B & G like it, too. 

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monica said...

Happy New Year Corinne!! I hope you have a different sort-of exciting 2012. :)