Sunday, December 04, 2011

I Believe in Love

It took me months to get this done.  This is the back medallion on the quilt I made for my friends Bruce and Gary to celebrate their civil union.  Not being able to do curved seams in quilting yet, the rings are done with applique.  I found the initials and numbers in fabric.  B & G.  7/24/11.  Photos of the quilt front to follow!
It's been a month since I've posted.  Wow.  Piccolo and I are in the new Lucky Penny headquarters, and fearful that some univited may have come along.  There is a lot of unpacking to do.  I really need my mom here.  She's excellent at fitting things into other things to organize storage. The move was hard physically and financially.  Hoping to repair over the next few months. 

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