Friday, March 09, 2012

Nine Years

The story bears repeating.  Nine years ago, shortly after the death of Penny, I was on Petfinder and fell in love with little Piccolo's face.  I thought that Lake Orion, Michigan was probably somewhere near Benton Harbor, which was a relatively short drive.  It's a suburb of Detroit.  I drove to Detroit and back in one day, and when the foster home's door closed, and Piccolo and I were alone in the yard, I could not get her into the car with me.  She's lived with me through three different apartments, and two other dogs.  I've had Piccolo longer than any other dog.  She may be twelve or thirteen years old, but doesn't look it.  Today I took her to the groomer.  I just love picking her up after a grooming,  She is so happy to see me, she practically jumps into my arms.  Really and truly, the dog of my life, the muse for Lucky Penny.  When I'm away, I just can't wait to see her again.  Thank you, Mrs. P. Nut, for being such a faithful and delightful companion.

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