Friday, March 23, 2012


I have not finessed how to send photos from my iPhone, download them to my photo files, and post them to my blog without them being rotated in a wrong direction.  This is one of the projects from this past month.  A few weeks ago, I took a leather making class with a few friends.  I made this collar for Piccolo, and a leather necklace.  My friends all made little bags, all really cute.  I had the big idea of adding leather goods to Lucky Penny.  It would require a lot of equipment, I've discovered.  So, not for Lucky Penny after all.  A fun little diversion, I would like to do some more.
I'm working on some gift items for a baby that will join the family in a few more weeks, and some stitching for the home.  In quilting, I'm on a log cabin binge, and working on a strip pieced quilt in lots of beautiful solids, a commission piece for a newly decorated room in a friend's house.  It will be a color explosion!

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