Sunday, April 01, 2012

About Cooking

     I am convinced that the Man has no discernable palate.  His favorite beer?  Miller Lite.  A few months ago, we attempted to dine at a restaurant that had an artisan beer menu.  Now, I don't know much about beer or wine myself, but I'm willing to try new things or ask the server for a recommendation.  He just got a deer in the headlights look and we had to flee the restaurant.  Now that I'm working most evenings, he has to fend for himself meal wise, or wait until I get home, and then eat off my plate.  He was purchasing salmon at Jewel (not a purveyor that I would trust with fish), and cooking it in a pan on the stove.  Which resulted most of the time in a stench in the apartment that could knock me over.  I use the word cooking loosely when it comes to the Man.  Mostly, he can apply heat to food.  He calls himself a soo-shay chef.  I don't know where the word comes from or what it means, but according to him, a character in Apocalypse Now says it. 
     Tonight I used my newest employee benefit, a Costco membership.  I bought 6 pounds of ground beef for $2.99/lb.  Some I used to make spaghetti sauce, the Man's favorite.  Just a jar of sauce with ground meat, onions, and garlic.  He used a partial jar of sauce the other night, so I had to supplement.  I used a small can of fire roasted tomatoes purchased at Costco, and it made sauce taste just awful!   He said that the sauce didn't taste any different.  Proving my theory about the palate.  Hopefully he will finish it this week, because I'm not touching it.  I have some other yummy things from Costco that I'll eat instead, and I'm making meat loaf Tuesday.   We're getting eggs from the back yard chickens, which the Man is squeamish about eating.   He would rather use the white eggs from chickens that are penned and eating their own poop that eat the egg that goes straight from the chicken's vag to our plate.  Couldn't be any fresher.  He's forbidden from heating them in one of his crazy stove concoctions, where he just uses the whites, and discards the yolks.  I don't want the beautiful back yard yolks thrown away.   So, I need more egg recipes in my repetoire.  Last week, I made quiche.  It took forever to bake, so I'll reduce the amount of milk in the custard next time. 
The photo was taken this past week in front of the store.   Hoodie solidarity! 

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