Tuesday, April 10, 2012

White Lawn

At my last visit to Costco, I purchased a white rug for the bathroom.  I had crocheted a rug that had been intended for that place, but thought better of it when the bathroom was flooding every time I took a shower.  The rug also seemed better suited for the kitchen, where it is now.  For some crazy reason, my iPhone photos rotate when I upload them to this blog, even when it's from a normal posistion, so photos of the rug in action are pending. 
Back to the bathroom.   I should have purchased a taupe rug, which I probably will next time I go.  Piccolo has peed on the new bathroom rug a few times.  While I think it's funny that she knows what happens in a bathroom, I can't get the stain out of the nylon rug.  We've been having some issues with pee for a while.  She was checked out for a bladder infection, then I attempted an over the counter herbal medication called Leaks No More.  She needed fifteen drops over three times daily, and hated the taste, so I gave up.  I have been using a diaper on her when I go to bed, and she gets lots of praise for having a dry diaper when I wake up.  The last few nights she had fought being diapered a little, so I let it go.  It seemed that she wasn't as likely to wet her bedding in her sleep like she had been doing.  But now, she has the White Grass in the bathroom.  Just the length of a freshly mowed lawn. 
In the absence of a good shot of my new kitchen rug, here's another look at the State Street cowl.  Photographed at Knit 1, knit in Brown Sheep Burly Spun.

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