Friday, August 17, 2012

Wash in Hot Water

I made a decision this summer, after talking things over with other pet parents, that I would try skipping the applied flea preventative product.  I wasn't going to put that poison on my baby.  After taking Piccolo for her chiropractic appointment, the doctor asked, "is that a flea?"  Instead of taking her right to the vet, it slipped out of my head until the next week, when I noticed a lot of scooting and a new scoot/spin move.  I made an appointment, not thinking it was an emergency, but on Tuesday morning, my day off work, Piccolo was miserable.  Scoot/spin, and crying.  We went in right away, and the diagnosis was fleas.  It's been a hot, humid summer, and I should have been more regimented in applying Cedarside, a non-toxic preventative.  Anyway, I felt like a crummy mom.  The treatment used at the vet was Frontline.  Kills on contact, and now Piccolo is the bait for any other fleas that remain in the house and will kill when they land on her.  This is not something I like thinking about.  I did take all of her beds, bedding, and my bedding to the laudromat for a hot water wash, and bake in a hot dryer.   I'm hoping there aren't many left. 
My friend Sandy is a fantastic groomer, and super knowledgeable when it comes to pet care.  Her salon is A Peaceful Pet in Houston, and she has a very detailed and informative article on flea control, which they know something about in Texas, which I'm linking to here.
One of the items washed in the flea purge is the new quilt pictured above. 
Piccolo and her companion will be holding down the operations here at Lucky Penny HQ while I go on a short road trip with some friends.  Michigan Fiber Festival weekend is here!

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