Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Keeping Score

Before I go into my rant about grieving, let me start off by telling all of you that Madeline is settling into the household nicely.  She was a little subdued for the first day or so, and now, not at all.  She can be naughty, which doesn't bother me a bit.  I like a naughty dog.  I will need a kitchen garbage can that can be locked shut, as she can hop up, and take the can down.  I suspect that garbage was a food source for her in her previous life.  She's cuddly, funny, and affectionate.  I've had some kisses on occasion. 
That said, I could have waited five years to adopt a dog, and I would still have the same ache for Piccolo.  I am so appreciative of the kindness that has been shown to me since her loss, that when there's been an omission, I can be bitter, not so nice, and well, keeping score.  I know someone who is on my Facebook news feed, and I get frequent updates to her status and activities.  I get an RSS feed of her blog on Ravelry.  She knows me fairly well.  I received no message of condolence from her, but all her updates kept coming.  Self absorbed, much?  She called me out for not acknowledging the death of her dog, on my Facebook wall so all my friends could see.  I replied that she must have missed my posts from last month.  Her excuse was that she doesn't get my feed, to which I replied, she must not read my blog either.  I did know about it, but held back from commenting on it, because I had been slighted.  Like I said, I'm not so nice.
In happier news, I am having so much fun with my iPhone.  Who needs a digital camera any more?  There are all these great photo editing apps.  The photo above was edited using an app called Vintage Camera. 

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