Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Instagram Addiction

If I'm not doing anything else with my hands, it's very likely that I'm working the I phone. Facebook, email, Ravelry, and more often than anything else, Instagram.   I love that it has photo editing software. At first, I just posted some photos of my cooking, or things that the few friends I was connected to would find amusing, like the beaver taxidermy vignette I found at Bass Pro Shops.
Then I discovered others on Instagram. People who posted cool photos of their dogs, mostly Pekingese. I'm certain that there is an Instagram community for every breed. If I ever find myself in a situation to add to my dog family, I may consider a Brussels Griffon. Lots of cute ones on IG, some of them in New Zealand, which I am wildly curious about.  My interest in New Zealand is also fueled by music I like (Crowded House and all things Finn Bros.), Top of the Lake, and yarn that I'm knitting with currently.
I follow a number of quilters, and as a result, have gathered a lot of ideas for future quilt projects.

Every so often I get inspired by a dog that doesn't live with me.  A few years ago, I fell in love with Duke, who lived in Chicago, and I knit him a sweater.  The little dog in the photo is Beasley, who I fell in love with on the internet.  I was moved by her adoption and rescue stories, and with her coloring and little pirate face, she reminds me of my Gidget.  Her mom and I connected on Instagram, and I made the offer of a sweater.  This one is knit in Briar Rose Fibers Buff Beauty.  I plan on writing the pattern for this for publication in the near future.

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