Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeling Quilty

In the last few weeks, there's been more and better light at the studio, and it's made me feel like sewing again.  I was inspired by all the photos I've seen posted by the quilters I'm following on Instagram.  There are two pieces in progress in this photo.  One is a little cross pattern that uses high/and low volume prints.  The original block pattern I used is from Quilty magazine.  It's going to be a small quilt for Madeline.  She's been using Piccolo's old quilts, some of them are starting to show wear.  She should have some of her own, right?  The other one is called Scrappy Trip Around the World.  Google it for the tutorial, but basically it's this:  Cut and seam six 2.5 X 16 inch strips, press the seams, then sew together into a long tube.  Cross cut the tube into 6 2.5 inch pieces.  Open one seam on each piece to make flat, and sew the six strips together so they make a diagonal arrangement.  The finished block is a 12 inch square.  I assembled 16 squares into a quilt for Madeline, that I've dropped off for long arm quilting.  I'm working on a big one for our bed--64 blocks.  It's going to be a monster.  I'm using as many fabrics as I can.  It's going to be a color explosion.  Hashtag scrappytripalong on Instagram if you want to see some really good examples.   I'm working on another curved log cabin for us, and I'm thinking I owe a family member a wedding gift.  I was at the fabric store today purchasing setting fabric for the wedding quilt, and had to make a compromise with the color.  But, green is a neutral, right?
There's new equipment in the house--I'm working on a little laptop that I purchased a few weeks ago.  I love that I'm not tethered to the pc that's in my office/workroom.  My new place for writing is going to be the little sun porch off the kitchen--with a lovely view of the back yard garden.
This summer, I'll be making some changes to the Lucky Penny site--I traded knitting services with a designer.  His original impression of the Lucky Penny Hand Made page was that he didn't know that I sold sweaters on the site--time for a change.  I still dream of making Lucky Penny a known brand.

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