Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Things of Her Own

I waver between wanting to make everything and thinking that I've made enough.  When people ask me how many projects I have going at one time, I don't have an answer.  The one creature that doesn't have enough is my Madeine.  She has a longer body than Piccolo did, so needs sweaters of her own.  More surface area to cover with stitch pattern!  This is one is progress for her.  My go-to body shape, with a new cable pattern for the turtleneck.  I began it for Piccolo last summer, then modified the fit for Mad.  The yarn used is Anzula's For Better or Worsted, colors are Terra Cotta, Root Beer, and Grace.  Something occured to me today.  I have two dog sleeping areas.  One is the round bed that Piccolo used, that I have one of her quilts draped over.   The other place is next to it, in front of the decorative fireplace.  It's a large vintage basket that I have blankets and quilts in.  Madeline has chosen that for sleeping in.  She is sloppy with the covers.  Much like the other creature I live with.  In the time she's been here, I don't recall Madeline sleeping on the bed that Piccolo used.  Could it be, while I don't, Madeline feels Piccolo's presence here?  I would like to feel that.

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