Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I work at a store, and work from home.  Most mornings are for Lucky Penny work.  It's when I do my commission pieces.  That could include a custom sweater, or some repair work.  The repair can be kind of depressing for someone who loves natural fibers.  Things that I have been procrastinating on are a reconstruction of a child's sweater that the knitter had not used a pattern.  Five pieces that don't fit, in nasty acrylic yarn that need to be assembled.  The only way I could achieve that is to re-knit parts.  Not looking forward to it.  There's a baby sweater that needs assembly.  More nasty, kinky acrylic yarn.  I have two Christmas stockings in progress.  I'm hoping that they are all gone by month's end.

Tuesdays are for me.  I used to teach on Tuesday evening, but lately I love having a whole day and night for myself.  My day off may include an excursion to the laundromat or to the grocery store for ingredients for a real supper in the evening, but there is always knitting.  I knit for my own wardrobe, and for LaMad.  This is a sweater from my book.  I had knit all the samples,  except for two.  All of the sizes.  When I opened the suitcase containing the book samples for the photo shoot, I was taken by how much knitting that actually was.  I had only knit one sample of this sweater.  A few weeks ago someone in the store was speaking about knitting the Shadow sweater for her dog, and I thought that Madeline could use one.  It's Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, wool/mohair blend, one of my staples for dog sweaters.

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